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Your Recs

So a bunch of you have written in and given me suggestions for where else to try. Here’s the list so far:
**Hopleaf, 5148 N. Clark,
**La Tache, 1475 W. Balmoral,
**Kaze Sushi, 2032 W. Roscoe,
**one sixty blue, 1400 W. Randolph,
**Coast, 2045 N. Damen,
**Green Zebra, 1460 W. Chicago,
**Anyplace on Argyle or that serves burritosSwan

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  1. Jul 20 2007

    Hi! I really enjoy your blog and I thought I’d add some more restaurants that I absolutely love:

    1. Ken Kee (Asian food)
    2. Pequods (pizza)
    3. RL (all american food)

    Thanks for blogging – I really enjoy reading the posts.

  2. Jul 20 2007

    Thanks Grace! I’m going to try these places out. I’ll let you know what I think!

  3. Jon
    Jul 25 2007

    San Soo Gap San, 5247 N. Western Ave, Korean BBQ. I went here for a work dinner and it’s great for a big group. The wait staff has a bit of attitude and if you’ve never been to a Korean BBQ before it can be a bit confusing (so try to go with a veteran). But the food’s spicy and fun and all over map.

  4. jmf
    Sep 16 2007

    Check out Anteprima – it’s affordable, rustic Italian in Andersonville.

    Also, Mayan Palace at Halsted and Diversey – 1/2 price margaritas on Tuesdays and Thursday..and the food is pretty good.

    Take the parents to Sola and Boka- both delicious!

  5. thusson
    Oct 8 2007

    You should definitely check out Hopleaf, especially if you have approximately four rowdy male friends who will play drinking games while ordering $40 pitchers and bacon-wrapped-rabbit (which is excellent, by the way).

    I hope you are lucky enough to have such friends.

  6. Oct 9 2007

    thusson –

    If that’s an invitation, I’ll take it. If it’s not, too late, I’ve already accepted.

    I do love going to the Hopleaf. It’s that perfect medium between a restaurant and bar. You cannot beat their beer selection. As I love anything wrapped in bacon, you can be sure I’ll be ordering the bacon-wrapped rabbit.


  7. Matt Borowski
    Oct 20 2007

    Try “Butterfly” on/around 1000 N. Block of W. Grand.
    Good sushi. Good prices.

  8. Elizabeth
    Dec 31 2007

    You absoutely must try La Unica at Devon/Clark. Its a Cuban grocery store in the front, cafe in the back. Best cuban sandwiches I’ve ever tasted (crunchy bread with warm ham, pork, cheese and pickles). And make sure you get a coffee while you’re there. Sweet and strong, just like guy behind the register.

  9. Maureen
    Mar 22 2008

    Buona Terra is one of the best priced restuarants for the quality of food that you get, plus on Thursdays they have a prix fixed meal of $20.95. All their staff is so friendly and treats you like family. This place is one not to be missed. Address in Logan Square is 2535 N. Calfornia. Phone # is 773 289-3800

  10. Matt Jong
    Apr 2 2008

    Kuma’s Corner has the best burgers. Ever. Playboy magazine says so. And awesome made-to-order mac and cheese. Don’t be afraid of the tattooed waitstaff. Also, Swan’s pick coast is good, too, though I’ve only ever had delivery from there.

  11. Matt Jong
    Apr 2 2008

    Also, I like Irazu (on Milwaukee), which is Costa Rican. It’s cheap and small and kinda simple but it’s good. The milanesa sandwich is great and the avena (oatmeal shake) is surprisingly good.

  12. Apr 2 2008

    I’ve heard awesome things about Irazu. Did you see Kuma’s reviewed on Check Please? It looked delicious.

  13. Lauren
    May 17 2008

    I’m new to your site, but so far I like your style!

    I think you should definitely try some Vietnamese places up on Broadway/Argyle… Tank Noodle is the big classic, but Pho 777 down the street is also worth a try. If you’re in the mood for a $2.95 sandwich, go across the street to Ba Le. Awesome.

    Also, in the Clark/Foster area, try Jin Ju, great Korean in a good atmosphere, or Icosium Kafe, which is an awesome place that serves both sweet and savory crepes. Try one with goat cheese. Yum!

  14. May 21 2008

    I found your blog by accident and am glad I did! I really enjoy reading your reviews and browsing the site. My husband and I want to try Mercat a la Planxa and after reading your review, I feel more inclined to go there soon.

    I’ll be a regular reader. Thanks for the fun and insightful reads.

  15. Nov 24 2008

    The Kopi Cafe on Clark in Andersonville. It’s a place where you can sit on large pillows: a “traveler’s cafe,” they have food from all over the place and offer interesting, organic and vegetarian foods. Their nachos with salsa was fabulous! Enough for two 🙂

  16. Nov 24 2008

    OH, yeah, an do try Konak. It’s easy to find. It’s right next to Hopleaf, that ever-crowded, rowdy place. Konak is much more quiet and laid-back, where you can enjoy a beer and your sport of choice on the six or seven tv’s they have scattered about, or you can lounge in their back room on the cushy sofas while watching a movie or whatever you want! The pizza is great, and the roast beef arturo was very good, for bar food, and very big.

  17. May 25 2009

    Sabri Nehari on Devon!
    get the chicken makhani or the nehari…

  18. Jun 10 2009

    Would love to hear what you guys think of Pastoral in the loop. Similar to Hannah’s Bretzel.

    • Jun 20 2009

      Hi Kyle – We’ll definitely check out Pastoral and report back! Thanks for the reco!

  19. Megan C
    May 20 2010

    Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog today. I think you should try Nuevo Leon. It’s a really good Mexican place in Pilsen, which I think is really authentic and cheap. I’m currently a college student from Seattle, and I’ve been here 4 times since coming here in September, even if it takes more than an hour to get there. So yes, try it. Also, if you’re there, you might as well get some churros in Don Churro (their churros have different types of filling and are only a dollar).

    • Jun 28 2010

      Nuevo Leon is my guilty pleasure! It’s basically my Mexican comfort food of choice. Good pick!!

  20. Megan C
    May 20 2010

    to add, Sunshine Cafe in Andersonville has pretty amazing Japanese food–it’s very understated and homey (also, they have no sushi), but it’s so ridiculously simple and executed well.

    • Jun 28 2010

      Oooh, I will put Sunshine Cafe on my list of places to try. Thanks for the reco!

  21. wendi
    Jun 29 2010

    i second the comment regarding sunshine – LOVE that place. their soups just might be the best comfort/i have got to get over this flu/frigid winter day/ fill in the blank excuse for hearty japanese noodles/ food ever.

    in addition, may i nominate nhu lan on lawrence just west of western? best banh mi (and i’ve had all of the banh mi in chitown-they are way better than any on argyle) as well as dirt cheap and very creative. i’ve taken vegetarians (lemongrass tofu banh mi is insanely good -even hard core carnivores think so) and aforementioned hard core carnivores (pate and pork belly -ask for extra jalapeno) there to great acclaim from all. it has less than no ambience -but hey – you’re there for the $4 amazingly good sandwiches. there is sometimes a long line. trust me, persevere.

  22. Jul 4 2010

    You need some photographs !! Part of the food experience is done with your eyes. Skip the words and show me! … see my blog for pointers
    or shot me and email if you want to skip the work and il be your photographer! 🙂


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