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About Gastronomic Bypass

Some people have hobbies like jogging, reading or other do gooder things. My hobby has no merit on my health and definitely doesn’t offer me the means to give away my earnings to charity. Instead I end up a little bit fat and a little bit poor, but at least I’m always in the know when it comes to food.

My hobby is restauranting. And I do that in Chicago, the best American city for food in my frank opinion.

I want to tell you about all the places I go in Chicago. But I have to do it my way. I’m a little bit like you. I’m young (in my 20s), yearning to be hip despite my fresh out of college salary and I always pay my own way at the places I review. With that, I feel like I can give you an honest perspective on the restaurants in Chicago.

I write for you with no background in food, just a background in consuming. As a result, I’m interested in what you think of my reviews. Feel free to comment. If I don’t like what you have to say, I’ll just delete it.

Cheers to good eatin’!


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  1. Jennifer
    Aug 14 2007

    Hi there,
    I’m hoping to include Gastronomic Bypass in an article on local food websites for UR Chicago – I do have one brief question, can you please email me? Thanks!

  2. kamphey
    Oct 15 2007

    I’m a southern boy who just moved to the City. I’m starting to blog about food at my personal blog at My quest is to find the best Gizzards in Chicago. Do you have any idea where I might look for the best Gizzards in Chicago?

    email me at

  3. Oct 15 2007

    For real? I have absolutely no idea. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a gizzard. Keep me posted on how your quest goes…

  4. Colleen
    Oct 24 2007

    GB, I need some advice.

    My Dad and uncle are coming into town for the weekend and I need a Sat. night (specialish occasion) restaurant to ” take” them to (luckily, this doesn’t mean I’ll be paying).

    Here are the constraints:
    -both men are meat-centric, however,
    -my Dad can make a mean steak, and as a result, he thinks steak houses take him for a ride, as they over-charge for a steak that could never be as good as one he could make at home
    -they are somewhat allergic to fru-fru meals (small amounts of food beautifully and artistically arranged)–more specifically,
    -they want a lot of food

    GB, any good ideas? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer me!

    your fan Colleen

  5. Oct 24 2007

    Dear Colleen,

    This is tricky. Here are my ideas –

    – Brasserie Rulhmann (River North) – Just opened. Haven’t been there yet, but it’s supposed to be great. Their focus is on steak. However, since it’s a French restaurant, maybe your dad won’t feel like it’s something he could have whipped up at home.

    – Tango Sur (Lakeview) – Same reason for suggesting it. It’s Colombian cuisine, so maybe it will be different enough from Dad’s Weber Grill steak. You can BYOB here, too.

    – Room 21 (South Loop) – It’s a Jerry Kleiner restaurant, so it will have a fun atmosphere. They have a good assortment of meat and fish to choose from.

    GB readers, feel free to give input on this. Colleen, let us know where you end up going and whether it suited your father’s and uncle’s expectations.

  6. Colleen
    Nov 19 2007

    Hi GB,
    Thanks for the advice. You had some great suggestions (I had taken them to Brazzazz previously–sort of similar to Tango Sur–and they loved it) and your ideas really got me thinking.

    I ended up taking them to Brasserie Jo, which I figured would be a less expensive take on your french/Brasserie Rulhmann idea. My Dad makes his own beer, so Brasserie Jo was a great fit with it’s expansive beer menu. Plus, it’s in my neighborhood, so we were able to walk over–something that gave my Dad, a child who grew up and lived his whole life in the suburbs, a big kick.

    Thanks again for your help, GB! I love your blog–it’s a great resource!

  7. Nov 19 2007

    Colleen – Brasserie Jo is a great pick. I have taken my mother there. She loved it because it reminded her of her days in France. You have to go back in the summer, so you can take your dog!

    – GB

  8. anna
    Feb 11 2008

    GB- I am new to the city and I hear all these great things about Itlain food – but the thing I crave I have not found yet and that is an amazing Tiramisu. I want the kind where you feel like grandma leona was backjin the kitchen all day making it –
    do you have any ideas?

  9. Feb 11 2008

    Anna –

    Hmm….Perhaps try Bella Notte on Grand. I’ve also heard good things about the Rose Angelis tiramisu (Lincoln Park). I remember liking the tiramisu at La Luce on Lake Street. Hope that helps!

    Let us know what you think!


  10. Mar 30 2008

    Dear GB,

    My name is Nathan. I’m the head of Sliced Bread Magazine, an RSO at UChicago. We’re expanding our website to include web content and we’d like to include you as a contributor. If you’re interested, please e-mail me at



  11. Patrick
    Apr 8 2008

    Hey GB,

    Love the site! Have you read that book by Dianne Jacob, Will Write for Food? Great read! Check it out….I got the inside scoop on this site from my friend John. We are both lovers of food and its nice to find a site that gives a realistic picture of what to expect. Citysearch is ok, but people are all over the place in their recommendations. Its refreshing to see some even handedness for a change concerning restaurant reviews. Now I have some realistic suggestions in my next trip to Chicago.


  12. Apr 18 2008

    Dear GB,
    I love your site! What city will you conquer next?!

  13. agus
    Apr 20 2008

    tango sur is argentinian, furthermore, i’d say VERY argentinian!

  14. Apr 30 2008

    Agus – My total bad. You’re right, Tango Sur is VERY Argentinian.


  15. NKS
    May 30 2008

    Hi GB,
    Your website was recommended to me last night by your biggest fan. She raved about your reviews and after reading through the site myself, I’m in shear awe of the veracity of your palette and ability to distill the taste of food and atmosphere of restaurant into simple critiques.
    Your friend,

  16. Jun 2 2008

    Thanks NK!

  17. Sapphire
    Jul 25 2008

    this is great! i’m headed to chicago and will try out a couple restaurants you recommended


  18. SM
    May 25 2009

    Soooo lookin forward to trying out your suggestions! Great meeting you yesterday and great job with the website 😀

  19. Daniel
    Aug 12 2009


    I’d like to send you an invitation to an upcoming burgers event in Chicago. Please send me an email!

  20. Oct 12 2009

    I was reading your Mac n’cheese reviews. You need to try out some awesome Mac N’Cheese at Deleece Grill Pub 3313 N Clark St

    Mac-n-Cheese Five Mouth Watering Ways!
    Deleece Grill Pub offers Mac & Cheese four different ways on the dinner menu: Asiago and Nueske’s bacon topped with garlic breadcrumbs, Gruyere with roasted root vegetables and fried shallots, smoked mozzarella with crimini mushrooms and toasted almonds, and a simple white cheddar mac for the less adventurous. On the weekends we offer a special mac n’cheese featuring local artisan cheeses, like mac & cheese with Cave aged Marisa, lobster and truffle breadcrumbs. At brunch, one of our top sellers is the Breakfast Mac: white cheddar mac and cheese with bacon and tomatoes topped with two sunny side up eggs. And of course there is a macaroni and cheese on the kid’s menu.

    Like everything at Deleece Grill Pub nothing comes in frozen or premade, every order is made fresh in our scratch kitchen.



    • Dec 23 2009

      Hi John – I’ll definitely check out Deleece! Thanks for the reco!


  21. Anna
    Mar 17 2010

    I love your site! Can I make a request? Please expand your coverage to more cities! I’d love to be able to use your insight when dining in Boston, L.A., and New York!

  22. Nov 20 2010

    Hi Gastronomic Bypass,

    Do you know about “The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats”? May we send you an advanced reading copy by PDF and an actual book upon publication? Thanks!

    Lake Claremont Press

    • Lakshmi Shenoy
      Nov 23 2010

      Hi Lake Claremont Press – Sure, I’d love to take a look at it! – GB

  23. Nov 23 2010

    Thanks! Email to send to?


  24. kauffie
    Jan 19 2011

    hi gb you are kind of cute!

    • GB
      Jan 20 2011

      kind of?

      whatever, i’ll take the compliment and run.


  25. kauffie
    Jan 21 2011

    is that very ethical? thiefing a compliment and running?

  26. kauffie
    Jan 24 2011

    awww come on

    • GB
      Jan 25 2011

      you gave the compliment. i took it. that’s not thievery.

  27. kauffie
    Jan 27 2011

    i don’t even know how to come back against that.

    you win.

    • GB
      Jan 27 2011

      Ahh, the verbal finesse of Gastronomic Bypass will get you everytime.

      kauffie – do I know you?

      • kauffie
        Jan 27 2011

        i’m not sure, and i’m not sure that you used the word verbal correctly with any of the multiple proper definitions of the word

      • kauffie
        Jan 27 2011

        damn its adam richman re-run night on man v food

      • kauffie
        Jan 27 2011

        damn i’m hungry

  28. kauffie
    Jan 29 2011

    fairwell gastronomic friend i guess this is the final good bye and i shalln’t return tata

  29. kauffie
    Feb 1 2011


    just kidding.

    one last comment.

    i went out to eat this weekend at a reasonably nice italian ristorante and i got served insta-mashed potatoes. it sort of hurt my feelings.

    what would you have done?

  30. frizzell
    Feb 2 2011

    hello kauffie – my name is frizzell. i once went to eat at a restaurant where i had rizotto and the rizotto was still raw!!

    imagine that!

  31. David_k
    Nov 12 2013

    Um…hello? Where’d you go?


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