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April 9, 2012

Saigon Sisters

by gastronomicbypass


In one word – Refreshing

Location – 567 W. Lake (Lake & Jefferson)

Food – I will be honest, I was actually not the biggest fan of Vietnamese food – until now.  Saigon Sisters was refreshing and really made me a believer in the cuisine.  My boring choice of Red Curry with Chicken ended up being awesomely flavorful.  My eating partner (my dad)  had the Tasmanian sea trout, which is very similar to salmon.  He opts of leaner foods, so this hit the spot.  My other eating partner (my mom) had the sea scallops with farro, sunchoke purée, baby beets, pickled scallions and umeboshi.  Smiles around for all three choices.

Drink – Because of the sweeter palates of my eating partners, we had a bottle of Vinho Verde.  Crisp, refreshing and enjoyable even for me, who is steering away from sweet things of late.

Service – I like it when I feel like I develop a relationship with my server over the course of the meal.  I think the server at Saigon Sisters has a degree in winning over customers.  By the end of the meal, my father was shaking his hand and thanking him for the meal.

Scene – It is so relaxed and quiet here.  Great natural light and very informal feel to the space.

Occasion – I came for a casual (but quality) meal with my parents.  This could also be a good date spot or place to catch up with friends.

Price – To be fully transparent, my father paid for the meal.  However, I think you could get out of here for less than $35/person.

If you like, try – Red Violet, Bombay Spice

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