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November 14, 2011

Prairie Fire

by gastronomicbypass


In one word – Suburgatory

Location – 215 N. Clinton (Clinton and Lake)

Food – I use a condescending term inspired by ABC’s definitely-soon-to-be-cancelled show “Suburgatory.”  The thing about it though was that food was actually okay.  I started with the honey glazed pumpkin, which was enjoyable AND seasonal.  Then I went for the Mint Creek Farms Lamb Sausage served with polenta and autumnal vegetables.  They make the sausage in-house, so I was intrigued.  I was pleased with the dish, though not overly impressed.  My eating partner started with the braised lamb, cucumber and mint – served in sort of an egg roll-type concoction.  She was into it.  Then she had parmesan crusted tilapia served over creamy spinach.  I think she had a similar feeling as my reaction to my entree.  Just a note – Halibut was on special, but I really couldn’t justify the price point ($40!), so I passed on it.  No dessert, we were far too full.

Drink – We each had the Beckman Syrah, which was definitely a winner.

Service – I think our server was out of it.  I had to ask for a knife on multiple occasions and overall he just seemed a little behind the ball.  I hope there wasn’t trouble at home or something.

Scene – So this is where I got thrown off.  I get that the restaurant is next to Ogilvy Station and as a result, many of our friends from the Northern suburbs might be visiting our fair city, BUT why were there children (and like lots of them) at this restaurant at 8:30 pm on a Saturday night?  It was so unexpected, and not in a fun way.  Don’t get me wrong, my life is very child-appropriate.  But, those kids were loud.

Occasion – I’m not sure when I’d come back.  Maybe when I feel homesick for my own Western suburban roots?

Price – Far too much for the experience.  $66 for food, drink and tax and tip.  Not into it.

If you like, try…Wildfire, Weber Grill

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