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October 23, 2011

one sixtyblue

by gastronomicbypass


In one word – Thorough

Location – 1400 W. Randolph (Randolph and Loomis)

Food – Remember that one sixtyblue existed?  Yeah, I forgot too until we stumbled upon it as a Plan B option when avec gave us a 2 hour wait time.   We were celebrating one of my eating partner’s 30th birthday, so we decided to go all in for the night.  I started with the Heart of Palm and Mango salad, it was served with a macadamia nut dressing.  I thought it was light and fresh, so overall I was pleased.  My eating partners had the Ceasar salad (they were eh about it) and the tomato and oyster soup (#winning).  For mains, I went with the Porcini and Ricotta Ravioli.  Perfect portion size for me – the dish was pretty decadent.  The raviolis were filled with spaghetti squash, swiss chard and bechamel.  Two eating partners shared the Burgandy Truffle Pasta.  I thought it was rich, but uber satisfying.  My other eating partner had the Hanger Steak which was served with brussel sprouts, squash, coffee sauce and hot chocolate foam.  He was nervous about all the toppings to his steak, but in the end, he was satisfied.  I also got an order of corn bread (which they make gluten free), for the table.  Sweet and soft – I could probably live off of that stuff.  For dessert (we had to, there was a birthday!), we had the chocolate chip banana cake.  I thought I was full until I had a bite.  When you add nutella ice cream, pralines and chocolate-coffee ganache to cake, I managed to muster more space in my full stomach to indulge.

Drink – They really shined here.  We started with a round of cocktails.  I had the Quennville’s Cup, which is a take on Pimm’s Cup – uber light and refreshing, highly recommend.   The rest of the table sampled the Falling for Apples (apple cider and cognac, a bit sweet for me), Cinnamon Soho (rye-based, I believe) and the Matador Lopez (wine-inspired drink with gin, blackberry/gooseberry juice and balsamic reduction, super interesting!).  For the meal, we went with the recommended Leroy Bourgogne Rouge.  It was a great bottle, and I’m now on a quest to find this in the store (let me know if you have seen it!).  As a complimentary present, the sommelier brought us a sparkling drink – I totally missed what it was – but it tasted like fresh strawberries and effervescence.

Service – You know when you are on a bad date and you think:  “There’s nothing wrong with you.  I just don’t think we get each other.” That was our relationship with our server.   He made excellent recommendations, but we just didn’t love his vibe.  I’m sure he will find another table one day though who will like him for who he is.

Scene – Not going to lie, it’s a little senior citizen central in here, but it worked for us.  After being at super loud restaurants this week, this was a welcome change.  If you need more activity, you can sit and eat in the bar area.

Occasion – We dropped a pretty penny here, so I would come here for an occasion like a 30th birthday or something of the like.

Price – If we had divided the meal across the 4 of us, it would have been $95 including tax and tip.

If you like, try…Morton’s, Gibson’s, or any of those Chicago steak institutions


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