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October 13, 2011



by gastronomicbypass


In one word – Whelmed

Location – 1434 W. Chicago (Chicago and Bishop)

Food – Remember that pivotal question in 10 Things I Hate About You? – “I know you can be overwhelmed.  And you can be underwhelmed.  But can you ever just be…whelmed?”  The correct response is that you can in Europe and also at Flo.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible – it just was.   I opted for the Baja Tilapia Fish Tacos thinking it would be lighter fare.  False – a little too much fried and panko for my liking.  I did appreciate that they top their fish tacos with Asiago cheese, mainly because I respect the indiscriminate use of Asiago cheese on anything and everything.  I will say that I was impressed by the side salad – something that normally I would not notice.  It was huge and had beets on it!  My eating partner went for the special of the day – shrimp cakes.  I suspect that Flo’s forte is brunch and not dinner because we had the same whelmed response.

Drink – They had lots of margaritas on special for cheap.  On Wednesday’s their Original Margarita is only $4.  Originally I ordered a beer, but they were out of what I wanted.  So, I went for a glass of their house Sauv Blanc – surprisingly nice!

Service – I found it strange when the GM of the restaurant came to our table to ask how the service was – this isn’t a  hoighty toighty spot where service is critical.  I sensed some back room drama, and I didn’t really want to be privy to it.  I did find our server to be super endearing.  He didn’t have to do much for us, but the little he did was done well.

Scene – I have been here for brunch where it’s hopping.  Dinner on a weekday, not so much.

Occasion – Come for brunch with friends.  It is good if you are looking to catch up with a friend in a quiet spot at dinner time.

Dress – It’s West Town, no one cares what you wear.

Price – I spent $24 including tax and tip for fish tacos and a glass of wine.  Not cheap, but not a total rip off.

If you like, try…Anywhere in Pilsen

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  1. Beatrice
    Oct 14 2011

    I love all your recommendations.


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