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June 8, 2011

Girl and the Goat

by gastronomicbypass

In one word – Sugo

Location – 809 W Randolph (Randolph and Halsted)

Food – Let me just say it plainly:  I loved my meal immensely.  Top Chef Stephanie Izard can do no wrong in my mind.  My eating partner and I, both famished and overwhelmed by the menu, followed the instructions of our server when ordering.  To start, we had the sautéed green beans with fish sauce.  I was skeptical because they are just green beans, however they flavor it  so that you never want the dish to end.  Then we had the sugo and papperdelle, which is essentially just a ragu with pasta.  This dish made me love life more.  I have been thinking about it in my sleep.  It is so simple, but so delicious.  As a finale, we got the rhubarb and lemon shortbread/panna cota.  Our server showed us how to get the perfect bite of the dessert, but I was dreaming about the sugo, so I couldn’t focus.

Drink – They had an extensive wine list and cocktails galore.  You will take advantage of it – especially if you were foolish like us and waited 90 minutes to eat.  Our punishment for coming without reservations.

Service – Well intentioned for sure.  Our server was really pleasant and knowledgeable.  Every recommendation he made was spot on.  I do think he was spread too thin around the restaurant.  I had to wait a while and remind him twice to get more wine – not a deal breaker, but no one likes a wine-less GB.

Scene – It’s unpretentious, no need to bring out the Sunday best.  Everyone who comes is really really excited to be there, so there is awesome energy pulsing through the place.  A little note about availability, the next available table according to Open Table is 7/6 at 10:45 pm.  That being said, they start serving food at 4:30 pm.  They will seat you if you come ready for the early bird special.  We popped in at 5 pm – that’s 30 minutes too late.  You really need to show up at 4:30 pm if you want to eat without a reservation.

Dress – Honestly, you just have to show an ounce of effort and you’ll be fine.

Occasion – A date!  It’s fun, good energy (it is a little loud though).

Price – I’ve been in NYC for a while, so maybe my understanding of reasonable is off, but my eating partner and I split a $80 meal including tax and tip.  In my book, eating incredible food in a fun atmosphere for $40 is a steal.

If you like, try… Purple Pig, Publican

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