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June 28, 2010

D4 Irish Pub and Cafe

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 345 E. Ohio (Grand and McClurg)

In one word – Amicable

Food – I typically only come here for drinks, but last week I sampled the happy hour menu.  I was surprised by the bang for my buck.  I ordered a little afternoon snack, sloppy joe sliders.  They were a buck a piece!  No, it wasn’t the best seasoned sloppy joe I’ve had, but I was pleased that I only was spending $2 for two.  And they toasted the slider buns, so I will forgive and forget.

Drink – Being an Irish pub, they are well stocked in the beverage department.  They even have a personal favorite, Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc.  They are well stocked with European beers, as well.

Service -Normally I would not have much to say on this topic.  I have always had pleasant service at D4.  However, during my last visit, our server went above and beyond.  Dare I say he wanted to be our friend (well not my friend, but my eating partner’s friend).  We almost invited him to sit down with us to chat.  We talked about Chicago, the great summer weather, MBAs at various local schools, his life story, my eating partner’s life story.  Honestly, at a certain point I felt like the third wheel!  Nevertheless, his intentions were good, and we came at a slow time, so no harm, no foul.

Scene – The pub is right below the Streeter apartment building, so you will encounter many residents and those living in nearby buildings.  This seems like the place to just get together with friends.

Cost – Because I’ve been drinking cheap beer of late, my usual bill is about $10, but this will all depend on the caliber of drink in which you choose to partake.

If you like, try… Beer Bistro


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