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August 4, 2008


Veggie Bite

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1300 N. Milwaukee (Milwaukee and Paulina) and 3031 W. 111th Street (111th and Whipple)

In one word – Idealistic

Food – The premise of Veggie Bite is fast-service organic vegan food.  It’s a tall order for a restaurant.  My overall reaction was that the place was nice in theory, struggles in practice.  The menu is filled with your usual fast food options – burger, chili dogs, Philly cheese steak, but there’s no meat or dairy in the food.  My eating partner and I both went for the Supreme Wrap on the cashier’s recommendation.  It was a wrap filled with seitan “chix-free nuggets,” tomatoes, cucumbers and a cucumber dressing (which tasted more like a light ranch dressing).  It was filling but not fulfilling.  The “chix-free nuggets” didn’t taste all that fresh to me, and there was too much sauce in the wrap.

Drink – You can get smoothies here as well as juices.  I picked up some mango nectar juice, which I enjoyed.

Service – Order at the counter and then the food will be brought to your table.  I appreciated that the cashier was forthright about his opinion when I asked what was the best item on the menu.  Given that vegan fast food is pretty new in Chicago, it was nice to have someone give guidance on what to order.

Scene – Expect the last few hipsters remaining in Wicker Park to frequent this place.  I was a little alarmed by the establishment’s decor.  I was staring at posters of helpless animals with captions like “Mercy.”  It was sort of like eating at an anti-animal cruelty booth while in my college student union.

Dress – You can put on the urban hipster garb or just wear what you’re already wearing.  It really doesn’t matter.

Cost – For my wrap and mango drink, I spent $8.28.  I guess it’s pretty reasonable given that the wrap was just a little smaller than a Chipotle burrito in size.

If you like, try…Soul Vegetarian, Karyn’s Cooked

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  1. Hannah
    Aug 4 2008

    Soul Veg totally wins the battle of vegetarian/vegan food as far as I’m concerned.

  2. anna
    Aug 22 2008

    My mom and I ate at the Veggie Bites on 111th and Whipple a few times last year when visiting relatives. It was okay but for some reason they never had any lettuce or tomatoes, which would have improved things a lot, we thought. The posters up then looked like science fair displays and were off-putting enough that we always took our food to go.


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