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August 4, 2008



by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1745 W. Division (Division and Hermitage)

In one word – Kefir

Food – Lifeway Foods, producers of kefir drinks, have franchised their product as part of a “kefir boutique” cafe.  Kefir is a probiotic dairy drink.  Starfruit serves frozen kefir, which resembles frozen yogurt.  It’s nice to enjoy a dessert that’s good for you – kefir helps both your digestion and your immune systems.  Starfruit serves two flavors, original (vanilla-esque) and their flavor of the week (this week is pomegranate).  You can get standard frozen kefir, parfaits or smoothies.  Like its cousins, Red Mango and Pinkberry, Starfruit offers a variety of toppings for your kefir dish.  I went with a swirl of the vanilla and pomegranate flavors topped with mango.  The perks of Starfruit is that the small cup is still really large.  AND you don’t feel sick after eating the whole thing.

Drink – I guess I could have gotten a smoothie instead of the standard soft-serve.

Service – The staff will let you try each flavor before you purchase it.  I have to say that those samples were quite generous.

Scene – The place is next to yoga studio; you can tell that the customers of Starfruit are the type to really believe that their body is their temple.

Cost – I paid a $4.41 for my small sundae (soft serve with one topping).  I guess if you’re not indulging too often, it is worth it.

If you like, try…Berry Chill, Red Mango (in Naperville)

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  1. Aug 6 2008

    I have to confess…I was really excited about this place before I tried it, but kind of disappointed afterward. When I went (granted it was about 2 weeks after opening) the staff was kind of rude and treated us like we should already know the drill when we walked in. I opted for the “vanilla” which tasted more like plain to me. Its certainly not sweet and has a very distinct kefir taste. Maybe with sweeter toppings added (I just had raspberries) it would be better, but I just thought it was okay.


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