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July 12, 2008


Smoque BBQ

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3800 W. Pulaski (Grace and Pulaski)

In one word – Tenderness

Food – Vegetarians not wanted.  You come to Smoque for great meat.  I had a fabulous eating experience at this Texas barbecue joint.  My eating partner and I order a half a rack of St. Louis ribs.  The meat was SO tender and fell off the bone; it was truly the highlight of the meal.  I didn’t even need to dip the ribs in sauce, the meat was so flavorful on its own.  We ordered a plate of pulled pork, also excellent with a tangy kick.  Our last meat foray was the chicken, which had the sweetest flavor of the three entrees.  None of the meat options were disappointing.  It’s hard to believe, but we did eat some more food after all that meat.  The coleslaw was the kind made with vinegar, the perfect antidote to cut through that meat.  My only complaint was that the corn bread had a strong baking soda taste to it, but that was easy to get over.  Finally the peach cobbler, though made with canned peaches, was an awesome ending to the meal.

Drink – It’s BYOB here, cost saver!

Service – When you get to Smoque, you stand in a (long) line and order your food.  Once you order your food, you put your name in for a table.  They call your number for food and then you bring it to your table.  So, there is a lot of self-service in place here.  But, I figure that you have to put in a little work to get such delicious food.  When I say long line to order food, beware that I mean it.  I think we waited 45 minutes in line before we got our food.

Scene – We went on a Friday night, so the place was hoping.  Everyone was really casual here, there’s no one you need to impress.  It’s kind of no frills, the tables are close together, and you use plastic silverware.  It just helps make the place feel more authentic as a Texas barbecue establishment.

Dress – It’s so casual, so jeans and a t-shirt work just fine here.

Cost – For all that food plus a soft drink, I only paid $16.  I thought that was a steal.

If you like, try…Smoke Daddy

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  1. Hannah
    Jul 13 2008

    your review inspired the boyfriend and his teaching partner to try this out this week post-work. I will let you know how their follow up review is.

  2. Tom
    Aug 14 2008

    The peaches in the cobbler are not canned


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