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June 4, 2008

Midtown Kitchen + Bar

by gastronomicbypass

GB Note – I went back to Midtown yesterday and now feel like I need to update my review from December 2007.  New thoughts are in italics.

Location – 203 N. LaSalle (LaSalle and Lake)

In one word – Appalling

Food – This Americana menu is decent, but I have always felt it’s better on paper.  What I’ve liked here – Cheeseburger sliders and mini quesadillas with brie, apple and lime sour cream.  Today I tried the veggie burger.  The best part?  The fries.  The burger was all mushy.  I couldn’t finish it.

Drink – They have a variety of martinis and cosmos.  I’m not really a fan of either.  Luckily you can get a decent number of beers on tap.

Service – While a bit slow today, the service was good.  We’ve had a large work event here and rented out the entire top floor.  They seemed to pull that off well too.  It’s interesting that I initially noted that they were slow back in December 2007.  The situation has only gotten worse.  Here’s a timeline:

12:05 I walk into Midtown and seat myself.

12:10 Our drink order is taken.  We tell our server we need a minute to decide on food.

12:20 Waiting for our server.

12:25 Still waiting…

12:28 Grab the nearest employee (who happened to be the General Manager).  We give him our order.  We also tell him we’re in a rush.

12:40 Waiting for food.  I alert our original server that we’ve been waiting for a while for our food.  He said he’ll comp our drinks.  We ordered Cokes and Ice Teas.  How generous.  I tell him that we weren’t waiting on drinks.  We were waiting on food.

12:47 Our appetizer comes and we finish it in about 2 minutes flat. 

12:55 Our entrees come.  One of my eating partner’s burgers is all wrong.  They have to take it back.  I tell our server that I need a box because DESPITE THE FACT THAT I CAME HERE TO EAT AN HOUR AGO, I will not have time to eat my lunch in their establishment.

1:00 The new burger for my eating partner comes out.  It’s still wrong.  He tells our server about the mistake but still eats it.  I receive my box, pack my lunch and leave.

1:20 The rest of my eating partners pay (entrees were half off and drinks were comped).  Had I been there, I would have put up a stink and not paid for any of the meal.  It’s lunch time in the Loop, properly staff your restaurant.

Scene – I love the decor of the place – simple with mahogany-looking wood.  It feels rich.  The scene is more lunch/after work, so you’ll see suits and business casual at the tables.

Cost – I paid $18 for a beer and a burger.  It was more than I wanted to spend…

If you like, try…Sidebar, Bin 36

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