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May 20, 2008


Hai Yen

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 2723 N. Clark (Clark and Diversey) or 1055 W. Argyle (Winthrop and Argyle)

In one word – Pho

Food – I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the expert on Vietnamese cuisine.  Luckily my eating partners knew what they were talking about and guided me well.  I started with the Bo Lui, which are beef skewers covered with soy sauce, honey, lemongrass and sesame seeds.  I dug them.  For my main, I chose Pho Ga, which is a rice noodle soup with chicken.  Post meal, I learned that the proper way to eat Pho is to go for the substantial items (meat, noodles, etc.) first.  Only after you’ve taken on the big items do you drink the broth.  I was a fool and got sucked in by the broth (it’s so tasty!).  As a result, like a novice, I filled up too fast and not on the hearty stuff.  I took the rest home, so I’ll practice my Pho eating skills again tomorrow.

Drink – They’ve got bubble teas here.  I went for a glass of wine, a pinot noir, which was actually pretty good.

Service – We had a little confusion regarding a Thai iced tea over.  But, the mishap was taken care of quickly and quietly.  Other than that, service was good.

Scene – It was more chic than I expected.  The place has a very warm, rich feel to it. 

Dress – However, don’t feel like you need to dress to the nines.  Everyone was really casual, jeans and sweaters work just fine.

Cost – We split our bill, and I paid $20.  All in all, a decent deal.

If you like, try…Pho 777 (haven’t been myself, but my eating partners recommended it)

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  1. Jul 17 2008

    Hi, I’d like to let you know (and anyone else) that Hai Yen is offering a 25% off discount during lunch hours on August 13th.

    This is the place to get the discount:



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