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May 5, 2008


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1824 W. Division (Honore and Division)

In one word – Yuppified

Food – So I guess that Moonshine is trying to be the neighborhood saloon of Wicker Park. They have your traditional American menu, but they try to garnish as much as they can with their signature New Mexico green chiles. I ate the turkey burger and was less than pleased. The bottom half of my burger bun was totally soggy. Despite the fact that I am not one to give up carbs, I had to say no to that side of the bun. My eating partner at the grilled vegetable sandwich. She thought the vegetables could have been grilled a bit longer. We did agree though that the french fries were excellent. So at least they have that going for them.

Drink – From the looks of the place, we were the only ones NOT imbibing on Sunday at 6 pm. The place has a really decent selection of beers and a whole lot of whisky (70 varieties are available).

Service – We had crappy service. Part of that was circumstantial. We ate al fresco and you could tell that the staff didn’t have their outdoor act together yet. They didn’t know how to regulate the drunk overaged frat boys. As a result, one of the frat boys bumped into a server. She dropped her tray that was filled with beer and tequila. Glass and liquids were everywhere (including on me). Major party foul. Our food took about 25 minutes to get to us. If I had ordered something complicated, that would have been reasonable. But, I could have made my turkey burger faster on my Weber Q. The servers were nice, they just were completely overwhelmed.

Scene – When I walked over to Moonshine, I felt compelled to start singing Madonna’s “This Used to be My Playground.” When did Wicker Park become so yuppified? The young stylish couple next to us just bought their 5 year old daughter (who was dressed like a doll) a puggle. And they brought the daughter and puggle to Moonshine. Maybe it was even more than yuppified as my eating partner said she felt like she was eating at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. I think this is where all the beautiful people hide in Chicago on Sunday evenings.

Dress – You need to go for shabby chic at Moonshine. Jeans are fine, but make sure your overall outfit is adorable or out of a frat house (for men). Note that we went on Sunday when the weather was great. On weeknights in the winter, the scene isn’t as intimidating for us regular looking folk.

Cost – For my turkey burger, plus tax and tip, I paid $12. With that soggy bun, I didn’t feel like it was worth the cost.

If you like, try…Small Bar


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