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April 30, 2008



by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3478 N. Clark (Clark and Roscoe)

In one word – Beer

Food – Uberstein is the only location on the Wrigleyville Clark Street strip that I actually enjoy. I won a gift certificate to the bar/restaurant at a charity event, so I decided to make a night of it at this German establishment. When you come here, you must order a pretzel. They have the best pretzel I’ve had in the city. It’s the perfect blend of salt and softness served with warm cheese. I also tried the potato pancakes (decent) and the chicken wings (I’ve had better). My eating partner had the schnitzelwich, which seemed to work out for him just fine.

Drink – You buy beer here in either the half liter or liter size. Being the lady that I am, I only ordered the half liter. They serve a Munich-based beer, Hofbrau. When you carry a large half liter or liter of beer from Munich while singing a German drinking song, you really do feel like you’re in Deutschland.

Scene – On this Friday night, there was a live band playing German drinking songs. I’ve taken the liberty to write out the lyrics to the best song they sang (tune of “Do Re Mi”):

Do, the stuff that buys my beer
Re, the guys that sells my beer
Me, the guy who drinks my beer
Fa, a long long way to the john
So, I’ll have another beer
La – ger, lager, lager, beer
Te, no thanks, I’ll have a beer
And that brings me back to Do!

The song is surprisingly catchy, I’ve had it in my head for 5 days straight (poor me!). The band was the right mix of corny and fun. They passed out the lyrics to their songs so the audience could sing along. Audience participation, you have to love it.

Dress – Unlike the other trixie establishments up and down Clark, you don’t have to dress up for Uberstein. I wore jeans and a t-shirt and fit in just fine.

Cost – Well, with my gift certificate, I had a free night. You should expect to drop around $30 for a couple beers and a pretzel.

If you like, try…Fado, Gage

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  1. andie
    May 1 2008

    i think that’s actually a song from the simpsons…

  2. GB
    May 1 2008

    So I’ve since learned. I feel culturally inept.

  3. May 3 2008

    You should try Laschet’s, 2119 W Irving Park Road

  4. ali
    Jun 23 2008

    The same people own Laschet’s and Uberstein


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