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April 30, 2008

Brasserie Ruhlmann

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 500 W. Superior (Superior and Kingsbury)

In one word – Rich

Food – Talk about indulgent! I think this was one of the richest meals I’ve had in a long while, my arteries hate me right now. We started with the Rulhmann potatoes (crispy and delicious!), pomme frites, creamed spinach (my favorite!) and this decadent pate. I was full after the appetizers, but like the good eater I am, I kept going. I tried the skatewing as my entree. It’s served with tomatoes, green beans, capers, bacon and lemon. My eating partners ate the cowboy steak, the salmon and the lamb stew, all of which seemed filling and amazing. My recommendation with Rulhmann is to go when you’re hungry.

Drink – As it was a work compensated dinner, we indulged in champagne and a lighter bodied red wine.

Service – Overall service was excellent. Here’s my only beef: I couldn’t hear our server. Couldn’t even hear the specials! The restaurant wasn’t crowded (it was a Monday), so there wasn’t a roar to compete with, he just spoke softly. Other than that, I was pleased.

Scene – The restaurant is beautiful. It’s in the old Montgomery Ward building and decorated in an art deco style. It feels lavish, yet accessible. It’s good for business and special occasions.

Dress – I went on a Monday night after a business reception, so in my skirt and blazer, I fit in. I’m not sure what the crowd looks like on a weekend. I’d err on the side of being stylish. Dresses and suits are probably the way to go.

Cost – It wasn’t that expensive, it was $68 per person including tax and tip. For that much food, I thought it was reasonable when looking at places to go for a nice dinner.

If you like, try…Custom House


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