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April 6, 2008


Sushi X

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1136 W. Chicago and 543 W. Diversey

In one word – Substantial

Food – I decided to check out the new Lincoln Park Sushi X outpost and was very impressed.  I’m a sucker for tempura flakes, so I had the Honey Roll (with Albacore).  It was exactly what I was looking for, crunchy, slightly sweet and filing.  Then I moved on to a few Avocado Rolls.  My eating partner and I marvelled over the fact that the avocado pieces in each roll were really substantial.  Lots of avocado means that I’m a happy patron.  My eating partner had the Unagi Roll and the Godzilla Roll.  The Godzilla Roll seems to be the must-have at Sushi X.

Drink – It’s BYOB right now, which is an ideal cost saver.

Service – The service wasn’t bad, but our server definitely was more of a Lincoln Park trixie than a sushi afficianado.  With time though, I think she could become an expert on the cuisine.  I liked that we walked in at 8 pm on a Saturday night with no reservations and didn’t have to wait for a table.

Scene – So the Lincoln Park Sushi X is much less intimidating than the one on Chicago Avenue.  It still has that dark, techno vibe, but it’s much bigger and brighter.

Dress – There was a mix of outfits.  Some ladies were dressed to the nines, perhaps starting here before tearing up…Lincoln Park.  Everyone else was more casual.  The vibe at the Lincoln Park restaurant is much less trendy than its Ukranian Village sister.

Cost – With tax and tip, I paid $20.  For filling sushi, that’s cheap!

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  1. Anurag
    Jun 19 2008

    Been to sushi-x 2, twice. Definetely agree that the sushi is great, and I think the rolls are a dollar or two cheaper than at the original Sushi x on Chicago ave. But now since it is no longer BYOB, the cost of alcohol plus the food makes the original sushi-x a better bargain (which is BYOB).

    The nigiri and sashimi (fish without the frills as I like to think) is better than any place I have had.

    And while I love the food, I have to ask – what exactly do they have against lighting? Huge windows in front let in great sunlight. But the back is sperated by a large wall making it dark (worsened with gray walls) and with such dim lights that it makes me wonder if I am actually going blind…

  2. GB
    Jun 19 2008

    Hi Anurag –

    I totally agree with you on the lighting front. I sat near the front of the restaurant for that exact reason. It was too techno for me in the back. I was worried I’d get a headache from sitting there.

    – GB


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