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February 27, 2008


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 72o N. State (State and Superior)

In one word – Molten

Food – We decided to come to Roy’s for the Restaurant Week Dinner Menu ($31.95 for a three course prix fixe menu).  Roy’s has Hawaiian cuisine, so come here for fish, steak and cake.  The appetizer was a sampler of chicken spring rolls (flavorful, nice cream sauce accompanying it), pork ribs and coconut crusted shrimp.  All in all, a nice way to start the meal.  There were three main entree options.  I chose the Tender Braised Honey Mustard Short Rib.  I’m not big on red meat, but I enjoyed this very much.  The meat was pretty succulent, and it was served with mashed potatoes and some random veggies.  I only finished half of the entree because I wanted to save myself for dessert.  My eating partners opted for the Blue Crab Dynamite Crusted Skate (but they were out of skate, so they offered a substitute fish which worked just fine) and a Shrimp/Gnocchi entree (that eating partner polished that off, so I have no wonder on what she thought).  Then it came time for dessert.  I’ve been to Roy’s before, and I decided to come back solely because of the molten chocolate cake.  To say it’s divine is an understatement.  You have to try it to believe it.

Drink – We ordered this great (cheap) bottle of pinot blanc from Alsace.  Awesome pick!

Service – Our server knew what he was doing.  He recited the menu highlights like a pro and made us feel confident with our selection.  While a bit cocky, I liked him.

Scene – The lights were dim and the Wallflowers were humming softly in the background.  Obviously this could be a place to take a date.  I saw a lot of groups, like 6 or more people. 

Dress – The place is a little formal, but I still got away with wearing jeans there on a Tuesday night.  If you came on the weekend, I think you’d be expected to try a bit harder.

Cost – Because it was Restaurant Week, our three course meal was $31.95.  Adding tax, tip and wine, our total was $56 each.  It didn’t feel as cheap as Restaurant Week is supposed to be, but I’m over it.  For reference, Roy’s has a $35 prix fixe menu throughout the year.

If you like, try…Vong’s Thai Kitchen


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