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February 26, 2008


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3130 N. Broadway (Broadway and Briar)

In one word – Warm

Food – Irish pub food.  Who wants anything more?  I was really impressed by the cuisine at Wilde.  I chose the Country Chicken Pot Pie.  When it came out, all my eating partners oohed and aahed at how delicious it looked.  The phyllo dough on top was flakey and buttery, just the way it should be.  Every bite of it warmed my tummy.  A couple of my eating partners chose the Fish and Chips, which is what Wilde is known for.  They weren’t really talking during the meal.  This makes sense as being enamored with food can cause one to become speechless.  The last eating partner decided to just have the Curried Chips.  I liked them because the fries weren’t drenched in curry, which is my criticism with the curry fries at Fado.  All in all, if you need grease, this is an excellent place to have it.

Drink – I came here for lunch, so I didn’t partake in the beer selection.  I did look at the menu though and was impressed by the number of options on draft.

Service – Our server was pleasant and offered his suggestions without being aggressive. 

Scene – At noon, the vibe was low key.  A friend told me that Wilde was listed as one of the best bars to read at, so perhaps it doesn’t get too intense even at night.  If you know what the night scene is like at Wilde, please comment, I’m curious.

Dress – You’re in Lakeview, so there’s no need to spend time straightening your hair before going out.  I think you’ll be just fine in jeans and Pumas at Wilde.

Cost – I paid $15 including tax and tip for my Chicken Pot Pie.  I felt like the entree was two portions.  With that logic, the cost wasn’t bad.  Price-wise, I thought of Wilde was smack dab in the middle of the Duke of Perth (cheaper) and the Gage (more expensive).

If you like, try…the Gage, Duke of Perth, Fado


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