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January 13, 2008

Kiki’s Bistro

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 900 N. Franklin (Franklin and Locust)

In one word – Elderly

Food – I think that Kiki’s is one of the better bistros in the city (compared to Bistro Zinc and Bistro Margot). We started with the duck ravioli. I woke up this morning still thinking about that appetizer. Then I had the Navarin d’Agneau Printanier (lamb stew with vegetables). I received an enormous portion and I think I only finished an eighth of the entree. My eating partner had the Foie de Veau (calf liver). Call me boring, but I wanted nothing to do with that dish. With such big portions, we skipped on dessert.

Drink – I ordered a glass of a pinot noir recommended by the server. I found that it supplemented my meal well. The wine offering at Kiki’s is extensive, so I think you’ll find something you’ll like.

Service – I liked our waiter a lot. He seemed French, but wasn’t snooty.

Occasion – So Kiki’s has this early bird special from 5:00 – 6:30. It’s $25 for three courses, which is a total bargain. The downside? All of the clientele who take advantage of this prix fixe are age 60+. So, this is not the place if you’re looking for a bumping time. The vibe is pretty low key. You can make it romantic or you can make it group appropriate. In that way, this restaurant is pretty versatile.

Dress – For some reason, most people were wearing black.  Maybe it’s because it’s French.

Cost – With tax and tip, you should expect to pay $50 minimum. However, knowing that you’re going to bring leftovers home (and those leftovers will last for days), it’s not that unreasonable.

If you like, try…Bistro Margo


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