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January 13, 2008

Hannah’s Bretzel

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 180 W. Washington (Washington and Wells) or 233 N. Michigan (Illinois Center)

In one word – Gourmet

Food – Hannah’s Bretzel was recommended to me by a GB reader, and I was not disappointed. It provided me a gourmet lunch alternative to Corner Bakery and Quiznos.  I decided to order Sergio’s Special with French Madrange ham and Swiss Gruyère cheese with avocado, sliced jalapeños and tasty mango chutney on a bretzel baguette. Every other sandwich in the Loop feels so run of the mill after you devour a Hannah’s Bretzel sandwich. Another plus of Hannah’s Bretzel is that they sell great teas and European chocolates. When I was in Barcelona, I ate my weight in Kinder (a European chocolate). I thought I would never see my beloved Kinder this side of the Atlantic and low and behold, it’s there at Hannah’s Bretzel!

Drinks – Since this is both a breakfast and lunch place for Loop workers, come here for your tea and coffee.

Service – You order at the counter. My order was right; that’s all I can ask for.

Occasion – There’s not a whole lot of seating at Hannah’s Bretzel, so it’s better if you’re on the go. Run in and out with the other cube dwellers in the Loop.

Dress – You’re going on your lunch hour. Whatever you have on is fine.

Cost – So, you’re going to pay $7 – 11 for a sandwich. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

If you like, try…L’Appetito

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