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January 1, 2008

La Madia

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 59 W. Grand (Grand and Dearborn)

In one word – Dominos

Food – Pizza and wine? Of course I was excited about coming to La Madia! Unfortunately it is another Spacca Napoli wannabe. We started with the toasted bruschetta, which was a highlight of the meal for me. For pizzas, we went with the classic margarita and the La Madia sausage, onion, pepper pizza. La Madia’s version of the margarita pizza was like a thin crust cheese pizza from Dominos. Sure I ate it, but I wasn’t impressed. I was much happier with the sausage pizza. We supplemented our meal with the organic mixed green salad. It was nothing to write home about. For dessert, my eating partners picked the chocolate tortino. I was too stuffed to try it, but they seemed satisfied with it.

Drink – We ordered a cheap bottle of pinot noir, Parker Station. It didn’t have much flavor. I would suggest another selection if you head over to La Madia.

Service – Because they’re a new restaurant, the manager came over twice to check that everything was going well with our meal (which it was). Our server didn’t seem to like us that much, but all in all it was fine.

Occasion – With the dark lights and the mod furniture, the place feels slick. I would say come here for a date or with a group of your girl friends. It did seem a little loud, so choose an eating partner who can project.

Cost – We paid about $30 each for the meal. I thought for the amount of food we ordered, that was appropriate.

If you like, try…Spacca Napoli, Quartino, A Mano


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