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December 9, 2007

State Street Bread Company

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 30 E. Hubbard (State and Hubbard)

In one word – Mediocre

Food – I was optimistic about this place. Could this be my non-chain alternative to Corner Bakery? No. I was hoping to get a soup/sandwich combo. However, I was limited to four kinds of sandwiches if I wanted this option. None of those sandwiches were speaking to me, so I ended up with the Tuna Melt. I was disappointed because the sandwich was on par with something I would have made for myself. Luckily they give you kettle chips on the side. That made things a little better.

Drink – The only notable thing about the drinks is that there is a Starbucks within the restaurant. Though I wasn’t seeking an overpriced latte to go with my sandwich.

Service – You go to the counter, order and pay. They give you an obnoxious buzzer which gives you a semi-heart attack when it blasts off to tell you your food is ready.

Dress – We went on the weekend. Students camping out with their homework were scattered around the joint. There were a couple families taking a food break during their holiday shopping spree. Everyone was in their winter weekend garb – heavy jackets, boots and a sweatshirt/sweater.

Cost – I paid $11.50 for a sandwich and a soda. I felt ripped off.

If you like, try…Corner Bakery (at least there aren’t restrictions on your soup/sandwich combo there)

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