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November 1, 2007

Rockit Bar and Grill

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 22 W. Hubbard (Hubbard and State)

In one word – Schwimmer

Food – I like Rockit.  The menu is full of well executed American cuisine.  I have a habit of sticking with the turkey burger with sweet potato fries each time I eat there.  That meal consistently satisfies my comfort food desires.  Overall the food isn’t immensely innovative, but there is always a subtle chic aspect to each entree.  For example, they put pomagranete in the butternut squash soup (and it works!).  I like the brunch at Rockit.  It’s a chance to visit when the place isn’t packed.

Drink – Beer, wine, whatever you’re fixing for, you’ll get it here.  They have their own brew on tap, the Rockit White Ale, which is similar to a Blue Moon.

Service – I always find the staff slightly ditzy but still capable.

Occasion – Rockit is sceney.  That’s its MO.   When we last went for lunch, David Schwimmer was in a booth (alone) with a glass of wine (awkward given it was Monday at noon).  Rockit is one of the places that you can usually count on at least a D-List Chicago celebrity sighting.

Dress – At an off-peak time, it doesn’t matter what you have on.  When the place is packed, bring your A-game.  Look confident and hot.

Cost – For a burger and a beer, you can get in and out for $22.  I think Rockit is actually a pretty good value.

If you like, try…the Gage

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