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October 25, 2007

Aigre Doux

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 230 W. Kinzie (Wells and Kinzie)

In one word – Flavorful

Food – I had sort of been salivating over the online menu all day before coming to AD, and I was not disappointed. When we got to our table, our server explained that all the ingredients, from greens to meats, were fresh and local. It really is evident in the meals. You can taste the freshness (not so much the localness). Right off the bat, I was happy because even the crust of the bread you are served upon sitting at the table is phenomenal. For appetizers we had the mushroom tart (very flavorful, perhaps seasoned with tamarind?), the chanterelle and celery root ravioli (I wish this was an entree!) and the squash risotto (which has an unexpected and light flavor). I was highly impressed with all three options. For entrees, we chose the fall-themed tagliatelle, the cod, and the lobster bucatini. I devoured the tagliatelle – it had pumpkin, squash and sage along with candied pecans. I could tell that my pasta was super fresh. That made me happy. My eating partners were happy with the cod and lukewarm towards the lobster bucatini (too much pasta). We skipped on dessert.

Drinks – We took our waiter’s suggestion on a Spanish red wine, which complimented our meal well. I think all at the table were very happy.

Service – Our waiter knew his stuff. That’s really important to me. This place has the potential to be very pretentious, but the laid back nature of our waiter made the atmosphere extremely comfortable.

Occasion – So I wouldn’t come here unless 1) you get a bonus in your paycheck 2) someone else is paying. The clientele is a bit older, but I didn’t feel out of place. The decor is pretty stark, but maybe that’s because the focus is on the food.

Attire – We came in our work attire and were fine. If you want to bust out a new dress or suit, you could do it at this place. At the end of it, you need to show that you are putting in effort to your look.

Cost – So, it’s expensive. For our group, it ended up $80/person.

If you like, try…May Street Market


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