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October 22, 2007


GB Goes Country

by gastronomicbypass

GB and friends took a little day trip to Woodstock, Illinois to go apple picking and pay homage to the film Groundhog Day. Woodstock is about an hour and a half northwest of Chicago. It’s a great break from the city. Here’s a report of our dining adventure:

Woodstock Public House

Location – Far far away. 201 Main Street, Woodstock, Illinois

In one word – Gas

Food – On a recommendation from an actual Woodstockian, we went to the Public House. We started with the spinach dip. It was very indulgent to say the least. Congealed cheese with spinach served with lightly toasted pita bread, mmmm! Then we went on to the main course. One of my eating partners ordered the gorganzola gnocchi served with the blush sauce (alfredo + marinara sauce). Given it was essentially an explosion of cheese, it was the heaviest meal he’s ever had and caused a bit of indigestion. At one point in the meal, he had to excuse himself to loosen his belt. The rest of the party had the WHP pasta (linguini served with tomato, spinach and some other veggies, seemed the healthiest of the entree options), the apricot brie salad (with doorstopper-sized wedges of brie, no joke!) and the deluxe BLT croissant. It was good, it was fattening, it was Woodstock.

Drink – While they have a nice selection of beers available like Fat Tire, we opted for the water.

Service – I loved our waitress. She was very accommodating to us “city folk” and showed us how the native Woodstockian really embodies the Midwestern charm. She wore a perfume that reminded us of Grandma. It was the most humble and pleasant service I have had in a long while.

Occasion – Come here for a night on the town in Woodstock. I think this place is THE spot in town on a Friday or Saturday. You might even have to wait for a table. Also, this place is Bears fan central. We came near the end of the Eagles/Bears game. When Chicago won, the bar area broke out into the Bears fight song.

Cost – We payed $19 a person. You know, I thought food would have been cheaper in Woodstock. However, I consider this a two-pher: cultural immersion + gourmet food. Therefore, it was well worth the money.

If you like, try…visiting Huntley, Illinois or Sandwich, Illinois

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  1. Hannah
    Oct 22 2007

    You know, we drove through Huntley – four times actually, thanks to our navigator’s sense of direction – and I really don’t think it holds a candle to Woodstock.

    As a side note: I woke up full this morning.


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