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September 16, 2007


Mysore Woodlands

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 2548 W. Devon (Devon and Maplewood)

In one word – Chutneys

Food – You’ll get South Indian fare (vegetarian). The speciality of South Indian cuisine is the masala dosa (a crepe of sorts with seasoned potatoes). If you want to go with my favorite, get the paper masala dosa, even thinner and crispier. Beware, dosas are giant here. While I didn’t think that the dosas were that amazing (compared to its neighbor, Udapi Palace), the chutneys were notable. You are offered tamarind, mint and coconut chutneys in addition to sambar. All seemed fresh and were flavorful. We also ordered the appetizer sampler. I was not impressed by their offering of vadas (fried veggies) and samosas (potatoes in fried dough).
Drink – It’s BYOB. But often I like to order a mango lassi (thin mango milk shake). It compliments a paper masala dosa perfectly.

Service – This was a problem here. Many of the glasses and silverware weren’t clean. Then, we ordered a second appetizer platter, and the waiter made it seem like it was a big hassle. I’m sorry we’re ordering more food, which equals more money for your restaurant. My apologies.

Occasion – It’s pretty casual here. We saw dates and groups of friends dining after shopping along Devon Avenue.

Dress – You can wear pretty much anything. We came straight from work and were perfectly fine.

Cost – We each paid $11. That’s kind of amazing.
If you like, try…Udapi Palace

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  1. Hannah
    Sep 25 2007

    You will be pleased to know (or at least I assume) that I went to Udupi Palace based on this little reference. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was also taken aback (in only the best of ways) by how often my water glass was filled. May I also say that it was one of the best matter paneer (sp, my Indian friend?) I’ve had in a long long time.


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