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August 25, 2007


A Tavola

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 2148 W. Chicago (Chicago and Leavitt)

In one word – Perfection

Food – I loved loved loved my experience at a tavola. They specialize in Northern Italian cuisine, but to me the cuisine could just be titled “delicious.” As our starter, we shared the gnocchi with brown sage butter and paremesan. I’m ready to make that an official food group in my diet, I loved it so much. It was fresh, light and so well flavored. Then for our entrees we took the roasted chicken with parmesan polenta and garlic spinach. I don’t typically enjoy chicken entrees, but I was cleaning the bone. I found that they managed to roast the bird in a way that still preserved its juiciness. My eating partner had the fish of the day, the escarole, with new potatoes and broccoli. She kept talking about how buttery it was (in a good way). We splurged and went for dessert afterwards. The panna cotta literally made me melt. I have never had a dessert that delicately fabulous…ever. We also had their honey and apple tart, nothing in comparison to the panna cotta, but still great.

Drink – They have an extensive wine list, but we decided to pass.

Service – The restaurant is small, so we didn’t have one specific waiter. The three sort of bounced around to all tables. I liked all of them, particularly because they had a sense of humor in such a potentially formal place.

Occasion – You could come here on a date, or when an aunt is in town. The atmosphere is intimate and quiet, so don’t come here with the frat brothers. The crowd is a bit older and there were a couple families, so act on your reasonably best behaviour.

Dress – It’s formal but not overly formal. You can get away with any outfit that shows you’re at least trying to make an effort.

Cost – For the shared pasta, an entree and a dessert plus sparkling water, I paid $47. For me it was an occasion, my best friend was in town. We thought that price was totally worth the experience.

If you like, try…Volare, West Town Tavern

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  1. Jenny
    Sep 1 2007

    Yay! One of my favorite hidden treasures. A Tavola’s been around for years and years — it’s served me for dates with old flames, special celebrations with my best friend, and dinner with the rents.

    It’s not full of surprises, but you can have a reliable, wonderful meal.


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