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August 21, 2007


GB Asks You

by gastronomicbypass

Dear GB Reader – As you can imagine, I have a long list of places I want to visit. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of bad experience as of late (see Crust and Niu). So, I wanted to get your two cents about the places on my list in hopes of missing another episode of gushy tofu. Thanks! – GB

Sura Thai Bistro (3124 N. Broadway)

Marigold (4832 N. Broadway)

Sepia (123 N. Jefferson)

Kiki’s Bistro (900 N. Franklin)

Club Lago (331 W. Superior)

Hannah’s Bretzel (180 W. Washington)

May Street Cafe (1146 W. Cermak)

Baba Palace (334 W. Chicago)

South Coast (1700 S. Michigan)

Sapore de Napoli (1406 W. Belmont)

M Henry (5707 N. Clark)

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  1. Sydney
    Aug 22 2007

    Kiki’s–went here for a nice lunch with work people sometime last year. It was pretty empty when I went, but the food was good (very typical french bistro food) and, from what I remember, the service was totally acceptable. they have a nice selection of sandwiches, though all are a bit pricey (for lunch).

  2. Sydney
    Aug 22 2007

    Hannah’s Bretzel–i was really excited about this place before I went, but wasn’t super happy with my experience mostly because I don’t eat ham and they have a lot of it. also–the sandwiches seem to sound better on paper than they actually are. but i do love all things pretzel bread.

  3. Hannah
    Aug 22 2007

    Ditto to Sydney’s entry on Hannah’s Bretzel. The establishment’s excellence is limited to its name; the sandwiches are really overpriced for what you get.

  4. Hannah
    Aug 22 2007

    Ooh, and I didn’t see Sura there. Go, try it and enjoy whole-heartedly, but don’t necessarily go back again and again.

  5. Allison
    Aug 28 2007

    definitely go to m. henry’s. you won’t be disappointed. also, the most recent issue in gourmet has a whole article on latin american restaurants (most quite cheap) specifically on chicago. you should check it out! let me know if you want me to make you a copy and mail it.

  6. jmf
    Aug 30 2007

    Oh my goodness – you all are completely wrong about Hannah’s Bretzel! It’s my favorite spot for sandwiches in the city. There are few things more delicious than Segio’s Special – imported french ham, brie, avocado, mango chutney and jalapenos on pretzel bread! I love this sandwich and it comes with almonds. I’m not sure what people have against imported ham, sliced to order, freshly baked pretzel bread and whole grain mini-baguettes and upscale cheese (not processed singles!)! Besides, if you don’t like ham, enjoy the watercress and cheddar sandwich on whole grain bread or roast turkey.

    Also, Marigold is overrated and Club Lago is gross.

  7. Sep 6 2007

    As I have already told you, def check out May St. Cafe. It’s delicous, but don’t plan on being anywhere soon afterwards. Let’s BOOB and set a date.

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