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August 18, 2007

Cafe Iberico

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 737 N. LaSalle

Food – This is one of those oldies but goodies for me in the city. I find that they have one of the best and most reliable Spanish tapas menus around. We ordered the patatas bravas (it had a kick), queso de cabra, croquettas de pollo, calamares a la placha and chorizo and morcilla. All of which were good, but we knew they would be, it’s Iberico. My only beef…they don’t have datilles con tocino (bacon covered dates). Que horror!

Drink – If you’re at Iberico, you’re supposed to order the sangria. They also have a decently sized wine list if that fits your fancy better.

Service – Plan to wait to be seated here. Once I was told the wait would be an hour and a half on a WEDNESDAY night. You can guess what the wait would be on a Friday or Saturday (they only take reservations for large groups). We found the loophole today! We came in at 2 pm and were seated immediately. Our server was capable and nice – I have nothing bad to say. The only thing I will say is that there was a spoon and some beef dropped below our table. It wasn’t cleaned up before we sat down. Kind of gross…

Occasion – You kind of feel like you’re at a party when you come here. It’s crowded, loud and festive. If you’re in the mood for that, it’s a great time! Come with friends, not when you want an intimate date.

Dress – Look cute here. It’s appropriate to wear a dress or blazer because it’s sort of sceney.

Cost – Without any drinks, we paid just under $20 each for our five appetizers.

If you like, try…Avec, Nacional 27, 1492


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