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August 13, 2007

Adobo Grill

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1610 N. Wells (North and Wells) or 2005 W. Division (Division and Damen)

In one word – Guacamole

Food – When you get here, order the guacamole before even looking at the menu.  It’s their claim to fame.  They’ll have someone come to your table to make the guac to your specifications.  My friends and I then shared four appetizers:  quesadillas (which have huitlacoche, my favorite!), empanadas potosinas (this was the best), salbutes de pollo (marinated chicken on tostadas) and taquitos dorados (filled with mushrooms and potatoes).  For the four of us, this was a perfectly portioned meal.

Drink – The server told us that they have the best margarita in the city, so we tried it.  Best?  I don’t know, but it was good and worth ordering.

Service – While a little bit nerdy, our server was attentive.  No complaints from me.

Occasion – This place is great when a friend from out of town visits.  It’s loud and has a party feel to it.  A lot of people come here before seeing Second City (which is next door to the North/Wells location).  If you want less of a scene, go to the one in Wicker Park.  It’s big and isn’t as cramped as the Old Town sibling.

Cost – For a margarita and my share of the guacamole and the four other appetizers, I paid $22.  I thought that this was reasonable.

If you like, try…de cero, Uncle Julio’s Hacienda, Carnivale


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