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August 4, 2007


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 2056 W. Division (Division and Damen)
In one word – APPALLING

Food – So this was the good part of the experience, the only good part. You can get pizzas here, but they will be pretentious and call them “flatbread.” Our table shared two – the “Shroom” (mushroom) and one of their specials (flatbread with broccoli and corn). Both were tasty, however the crusts were a bit overcooked.

Drinks – So they have a lot on their menu, lots of beers like Three Floyds and many martinis.

Service – If a restaurant can’t nail service, it might as well go out of business. Here’s the play by play of our night at Crust.

8:30 – Put in our name at the front and encouraged to go through the crowd to the tiny bar

8:35 – We made it to the tiny bar. Waited a five more minutes.

8:40 – Sole bartender at tiny packed bar took our order, “WHAT DO YOU WANT???” Very polite.

8:43 – We received our drinks and got word that our table was ready. We politely asked the frenetic bartender if we could pay at the table. Response, “YOU HAVE TO CLOSE OUT HERE!” So we close out, scared for our lives.

8:45 – Arrive at table. Busboy places waters on table. Fourth water – glass has not landed on table before the bottom falls out of it and water spills all over the table, us and my friend’s favorite leather bag.

8:46 – We help the busboy try to dry off our area.

8:50 – The manager came by to ask if anyone was cut by the glass. This basically made us feel petty for being angry that my friend’s bag was ruined. He gave her his card, so she could call him when the damages were determined. Because in a week, they’re going to be so eager to remedy this situation.

8:52 – Server came by, said she would have cried if this had happened to her. Nice.

8:55 – Another manager came by and said we should call her…later regarding the bag damages.

8:56 – Busboy comes by the table to see if we finished our drinks. Proceeds to pick up her bottle by the top (how unsanitary!) and realizes it’s full. Places it back down. He also gives us new napkins. Proceeds to sneeze on one before giving it to us.
9:00 – Food arrives

9:20 – Server comes by with the bill. It looks like there’s no bill there. And then…BAM! She flips it over, full bill for all the food. She speeds away from the table.

9:30 – We were finally able to get the manager’s attention and talked to him about the night. Reluctantly he offered to take the bill from us. Really? That’s the least you can do. Learn some customer service, son.

Occasion – There were dates and small groups at this place. The scene is busy, but casual.

Dress – People ran the gamut with the clothing. We were wearing jeans and fit in just fine.

Cost – We didn’t pay it, but we saw the bill. $55 for 4 beers and two pizzas (without tip, obvi!).

If you like, try – Well if you don’t like, try Spacca Napoli. If you really did like, eat there while you can, this place won’t be around for long.


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