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July 20, 2007


by gastronomicbypass


 Location – 1647 N. Milwaukee (Milwaukee and Hoyne)

In one word – Close

Food – So to be perfectly honest, I didn’t love this place, however it’s downfall was not the food.  The food, in fact, was pretty good.  We shared a margharita pizza (something which I CRAVE) and their balsamic salmon with roasted potatoes on the side.  All of which, delicious.

 Drink – This place didn’t go wrong with it’s drink offerings either.  It’s BYOB, so if you don’t like your beverage, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Service – Ahhh, one part of the issue.  They don’t have enough service.  For the whole place, there were about three servers.  I had to utilize my eye contact trick I mastered in Spain (where there really is no service) to get the waiter to take our order and to get our check.

Occasion – This is another part of the problem.  The place is small.  Real small.  If you are sitting in the middle, you’re essentially in quiet communal setting.  Your neighbors are your dinner partners.  Normally (at a place like Avec), this wouldn’t be a problem.  We just had some people who I’d never want to eat with next to us, which was a damper…or total amusement, depending on how you look at it, on the night.  Honestly, I would come here with a bigger group than 2.  It means that you will be sitting on the outskirts of the restaurant, thus ensuring your party’s privacy.  Another note, beware, people bring their kids here despite the quiet atmosphere of the joint.

Dress – You can still keep your prom dress tucked in your closet, but everyone here did put a little bit of effort into their looks. 

Cost – This totally goes against the principle of the website, but I didn’t pay for dinner.  And I’m not going to be insulting and guess the price per person…so I’ll let Metromix do it instead, “$8-15 per entree.”

If you like, try…Avec, Spacca Napoli


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