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July 9, 2007

Southport Grocery and Cafe

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3552 N. Southport (Eddy and Southport),

In one word – Cupcake

Food – You can get breakfast or lunch at SG, I came for breakfast.  Upon the server’s recommendation, I ordered the steak and eggs.  It’s basically scrambled eggs with beans and steak strips served over tortilla chips.  Super filling and interesting combo.  The cool thing about this menu is that there’s so many options, so next time I might deviate and try something else.   Like the stuffed french toast.  A friend ordered that and it was so indulgent!  I heard good reviews on the whole wheat pancakes as well (with blackberry-maple compote and lemon mascarpone).  Here’s the thing about SG, you really come for the cupcakes.  Honestly?  The best in the city.  Get one (or a dozen) to go.  I prefer vanilla (other option being chocolate).

Drink – I just got the fresh orange juice.  Totally invigorating.

Service – Our server was great.  He was relaxed but still attentive.

Occasion – There were a lot of small children here.  Be prepared.  Families, friends, wholesome looking people are the clientele at SG.

Cost – My juice, breakfast and cupcake (with tip) took me to $14.  A totally acceptable brunch cost.

If you like, try…Orange


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