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July 9, 2007

Penny’s Noodle Shop

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3400 N. Sheffield, 1542 N. Damen, 950 W. Diversey,

In one word – Bargain

Food – When I was about 12, I would come into the city to visit my cooler older sister.  She would bring me up to Penny’s.  Since then, this has been my Chinese comfort food location.  This time around I had the egg noodles with barbecued pork.  Fresh ingredients and large portions, I took two-thirds of it home.  Nothing I would alert Charlie Trotter about, but still so so satisfying.

Drink – It was so hot today.  I had to mainline water.  However, you can order beer, Thai iced tea and your other average beverages here.

Service – There’s not all that much to it here.  Service was normal, though I think that our server was watching me dribble noodles down my chin.  Little awkward.

Occasion – Families and small groups of friends come here for a very low-key meal.  Not a place for a first date.

Dress – Shirt, shoes, you’ll get service.

Cost – Get this, my total meal with tip just over $6.  For realz.

If you like, try… –  Ping Pong


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