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July 3, 2007

Mambo Grill

by gastronomicbypass

Mambo Grill is closed until March 2010

Location – 410 N. Clark (Clark between Kinzie and Hubbard),

Food – Mambo Grill will offer you clean latin food.  I’ve never been blown away but yet never been disappointed.  Once I had the Guava Pork Torta, not my favorite.  Wouldn’t recommend it to you.  The Ropa Vieja, on the other hand, is worth ordering, as well as the Guava Glazed Pollo (chicken).  Call me easy to please, but I like their guacamole simply because the chips come in three colors.

Drink –  For once I’m going to agree with Metromix.  Their mojitos are good here.  Perhaps make it a light dining night and come here for drinks and appetizers.

Service – I once was here with a loud, obnoxious group and they put up with us.  Points on service right there.

Occasion – Birthday dinners (groups are accepted here, just make a reservation), dates, dinners with friends, pretty much any occasion will work here.

Dress – Act like you’re making an effort, but you can still store your designer wear for another time.  Jeans and heels or a casual dress for girls.  Jeans will work for guys too.

Cost – If you do a drink, appetizer and entree, you might spend $40 – 50.

If you like, try…Uncle Julio’s Hacienda, Carnivale


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