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June 22, 2007


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 875 N. Michigan (Hancock Building) or 30 E. Huron (Huron and Wabash)

In one word – Gelato

Food – A friend of mine reminded me of the delight of L’Appetito yesterday. Imagine that you are in a European cafe – most likely in Spain or Italy, perhaps France. Place it in the Gold Coast. Bam! You have L’Appetito. You can get paninis (imagine lots of cheeses and salamis), pizza (a little greasy, but still desireable) and gelato (my favorite in the city). Plus you can pick up some packaged foods that you saw when you were abroad in Europe and totally forgot about since then. Remember those hazelnut wafers with the cream in the middle? They have them.

Drink – I mean, you’re not going to come here for a huge night out, so focus on their great assortment of sparkling juices and waters. BTWs – My favorite is their almond or coconut flavored Italian sodas. Try it! I’m trying to make Italian soda the next big thing.

Service – You order at the counter and pay at a different counter. They have never messed that up for me.

Occasion – So you’re shopping in the Gold Coast and you need a pick-me-up to drown your sorrows given how you just pissed away your 15th-of-the-month paycheck at Bloomingdales. Oh, but those shoes were so worth it…

Dress – On weekdays, you’ll find more suits on their lunch break. On weekends, if you wear shoes and a shirt, you’ll get service.

Cost – If you buy a drink, a sandwich and dessert, expect to pay $10 – 11.

If you like, try… – Fox and Obel Cafe


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