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June 12, 2007


by gastronomicbypass

Location – 130 S. Halsted (Monroe and Halsted)

In one word – Alfresco

Food – You’ll get an array of tasty appetizers at Pegasus. We indulged in saganaki (fried cheese), spanikopita (spinach pie), gyros, melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant) and kalamata olive dip. It was sort of like having Greek tapas. I was not disappointed with any of the dishes. The nice thing about Greektown is that you are rarely disappointed with the food. I left Pegasus fulfilled, perhaps a bit overfilled, but satisfied nonetheless.

Drink – We’re cheap, so we picked one of the cheaper white wines (Tsantali Makedonikos). In my attempt to be more of a sommelier, I’ll say it was a bit more acidic than I would have preferred. But, I still enjoyed.

Service – Any staff that patiently allows me to clumsily pronounce Greek entree names is good by me. I was very happy with the service, although it did take a while to get a refill on the bread basket…

Occasion – I go to Pegasus when it’s time to reunite with friends. I saw other large groups and many awkward couples dining near us. Go in the summer, they have a rooftop terrace which shows you an amazing view of the city. It’s one of those views that reminds you that Chicago is the best city in the country. Back in the day, they used to have live singers performing on the roof. Alas, during this last visit, the singers were not there. Reluctantly, I will get over it.

Dress – You’ll be fine in anything. Note though that people were not slumming it. Your alfresco sundress will suffice on the roof.

Cost – We split the bill 5 ways and paid $23 for loads of appetizers and two bottles of wine. We noted at the end of the meal that this was a bang for our buck.

If you like…, try – Citizen (for the alfresco-ness), Parthenon (for the Greek-ness)


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