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June 11, 2007


Hot Chocolate

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1747 N. Damen (Willow and Damen)

In one word – Indulgent

Food – I do love Hot Chocolate. I would rank this place as having the best desserts in Chicago. They rotate their desserts, but if you find any of the banana desserts, get them. Usually they will caramelize the bananas with some sort of fattening cream concoction, it’s irrestible. The milkshakes are also worth it. I have never gone to Hot Chocolate for brunch, but it does get great reviews so I plan on going sometime soon.

Drink – They have a full service bar and an extensive wine list. In my next life, I’ll be a sommelier wannabe and be able to advise you on what to order. However, in the meantime, ask your server for a reco.

Service – With the exception that they’ll tell you that the wait is an hour and a half as if that’s normal, I like the staff here (make a reservation). They have personality and are helpful.

Occasion – This place is ideal for a “girls’ night out” (can I say that I hate that phrase?) or a 1st or 2nd date.

Cost – Depending on how deep you dig, you could spend $20 – 50 dollars. I try to stay on the low end of the spectrum because I like to come here just for dessert.

If you like, try… – Bongo Room, Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula

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  1. Ned
    Jun 17 2007

    Don’t forget the beers! Great selection of Belgians. Doesn’t go as well with the desserts but they do have a good cheese plate.

  2. jmf
    Jun 19 2007

    Brunch at Hot Chocolate is delicious – though beware of the bread overwhelming all else – this is what happens when a pastry chef does food! In winter, go for the mulled wine – fewer calories and better buzz than cocoa!

  3. Jenny
    Jun 21 2007

    Gotta disagree with jmf, and encourage you to go for the food, not just dessert, at Hot Chocolate. My boyfriend and I have decided that Hot Chocolate’s trick is to do the platonic ideal of any food they attempt; that hamburger is the one to end all hamburgers, the mac and cheese takes it to the next level, etc. We used to go there for dessert — lately, we go for the main course and maybe split a shake.

  4. Jul 19 2008

    Last night we hosted an engagement party at Hot Chocolate. We went beyond the dessert and also had dinner.

    It was tasty, but I agree that menu is bread heavy. After the pretzel appetizer with brie and my cheddar melt, I needed to be wheeled out of the restaurant. Maybe ordering such a large quantity of carbs was my own fault. The Kobe beef was tasty and my eating partners were digging the mussels.


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