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May 26, 2007

West Town Tavern

by gastronomicbypass

Location: 1329 W. Chicago Ave.

In one word – Gourmet

Food: On a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try West Town Tavern. My friend proved her good taste as I was so impressed by the place. The cuisine is gourmet American. We started with the flatbread topped with mushrooms, leeks, truffle oil and mozzerella. I would have been fulfilled with just that. Next up was the main course, I had the BBQ lamb shoulder. The lamb came shredded atop a bed of mashed potatoes and corn bread. Is there anything better? No, it was fantastic. My eating partner partook in the pork tenderloin with polenta. It was good, although I think I had him beat with my lamb entree. We skipped dessert, but the style of options reminded me of what they serve at Hot Chocolate. I’m sure I would have loved it all, had I had room in my tummy for it.

Drink – I just had a glass of the pinot gris. Light, refreshing, just what I needed.

Service – Really great service, the staff is pleasant without being too in your face.

Occasion – It’s not cheap, but the atmosphere isn’t too formal. We were definitely among the younger people dining there, but I still didn’t feel out of place. Think of it as an upscale comfort food joint. I wouldn’t come here with a big group. The largest groups were about 4.
Dress – Again, the atmosphere isn’t so formal that you have to bring out the bow tie. I wore jeans and a blazer and felt perfectly in-line with the other patrons.

Cost – We split the bill, with tip I paid about $42. I actually thought the food and service was worth it.

If you like, try…Hot Chocolate, May Street Market


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