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May 24, 2007

May Street Market

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1132 W. Grand Avenue

In one word – Classy

Food – Let me swoon! I love May Street Market. Here you’ll find a seasonal menu of the freshest items. If you have a reason to splurge a little bit, come here. I had a seasonal salad and the halibut. Both of which I loved.  Among the other plates on the table were morels, crabcakes, the hanger steak and their famous venison medallions. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied. We shared dessert, great topping to the night.

Drink – We shared a bottle of chardonnay. It was light and crisp and accompanied our meal very well.

Service – So great. I always give points to a restaurant that can coordinate a table’s entrees so that they’re brought out at the same time. Our server misheard me and thought I wanted the beet salad (also a good choice). When I told her the mistake, no questions asked, they brought me my green salad.

Occasion – I would come here if you have an occasion, a dinner with parents, a reunion with friends, a classy date. The lights are low, the furniture is dark. Overall it creates a sophisticated and romantic vibe to the place.

Dress – Take the time and come in a suit or dress at this place. You’ll feel pretty.

Cost – Like I said, for me, MSM is an occasion place. We put down $60+ each.

If you like, try…Blackbird


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