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May 24, 2007


by gastronomicbypass

Location: 35 W. Ontario. This restaurant has the unfortunate disadvantage of being located in a spot where establishments are notorious for failing. Best of luck, Graze!

In one word – Overrated

Food: The shtick is small plates here. Overall the eating experience was adequate (but who wants to go to a place that’s just adequate). I ordered the mizuna and granny smith apple salad and caramelize onion and sweet potato tart. Sounds good, right? Wrong, it was nothing out of the ordinary. On a gourmet night at home, I could have made both dishes. Everyone at my table (and there were 10 of us) was less than pleased because there’s nothing interesting about the food. I did like the desserts, but nothing you couldn’t get elsewhere.

Drink: I took the server’s reco on the white wine (my norm). It was fine. Again, nothing to write home about.

Service: Less than pleased with this. My friend ordered the rabbit and had an issue with the amount of mustard in the dish (she works in the restaurant biz, so trust her opinion). The server could care less about the complaint. Poor form, sir.

Occasion: We went with a friend from out of town. The fortunate thing was that they did seat us as a big group, however we did have a reservation. Beware that the decor of the place is a bit in your face. Large sunflowers, grass everywhere. It kind of feels like the Rainforest Cafe…

Dress: The weather was nice, so I saw some summer suits, sundresses. However, you could be fine with nice jeans and heels at this joint.

Cost: That was another let down. I paid $43 when we split our meal evenly. Not a bang for your buck.

If you like…, try: i’ll get back to you…

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