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March 29, 2007



by gastronomicbypass

Location – 3317 N. Broadway,

In one word – Bargain

Food – Wakamono is the Japanese sibling of Ping Pong. That already gives it favor in my book. You’re going to get your standard Japanese fare with a couple of interesting twists. Take the gomae (spinach salad) that comes in a roll form. The most clever roll is the Oedipus roll – salmon roe over salmon (shouldn’t that be named the Electra roll to be correct?). I dug the Maki Mexicana, cilantro in a roll, interesting idea…And apparently their spicy miso soup is one of a kind.

Drink – BYOB! Hurray, a cost saver! Another restaurant helping me to send in my rent check. Thank you Wakamono.

Service – So you don’t have the fabulous men of Ping Pong here. Instead you have their sweet sisters (I mean I don’t know if they’re ACTUALLY related). I was pleased with the service, nothing more to say.

Occasion – The place is small, so if you’re with a group larger than four, uninvite someone. The space feels very zen with the dark decor (quite the contrast to the stark white walls of Ping Pong).

Dress – This place feels low-key. Perhaps just a sweater and jeans would allow you to go unnoticed.

Cost – With no cost for booze, the place is cheap. You’d probably pay $25 for a good dinner. Given that it’s Japanese food, it’s a bargain.

If you liked…, try – Ping Pong, Oysy, Mirai

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  1. Girl
    Nov 5 2007

    We came here on a Saturday because of a friend’s recommendation for a nice place to go for my roommate’s birthday. The service and food were good and we thanked the waitress for taking care of us. Then, as we were getting ready to walk out the door, one of staff members told us our party of eight was loud & inappropriate the entire time and literally gave the birthday girl a shove out the door and said, “It’s time for you to leave now.”

    We are so disappointed that this is the way we were treated for celebrating a birthday.

  2. Nov 5 2007

    So the lesson learned here is that you can only go to Wakamono alone (and you musn’t make a peep while sitting at the table). Seriously, I’m bummed that you had a bad experience there. It just goes to show you that service can make or break a meal. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


  3. Purple Rogue
    Dec 29 2007


    FYI to all East Lakeview parents, the Wakamono sushi restaurant recently confronted 2 mothers with their young 5 yrs old daughters and told them in a VERY rude manner that kids aren’t welcome at Wakamono. This happened early in the evening too when the place was practically empty and before the moms even looked at the menus! Considering the fact that the Nettelhorst Elementary School is only a half block away from Wakamono, it is ridiculous that Wakamono would take such a family-hostile attitude. One of the mothers who got treated so rudely used to go there all the time on her own but now that they have made it clear that Wakamono hates kids, she’s never going back. And neither is everyone I know. Families are a part of the East Lakeview neighborhood like everyone else. And many parents here love going out to all the local restaurants. It is outrageous that Wakamono treats us with such animosity in our own neighborhood, just down the street from our homes and across the street from our schools. There are many great sushi places in Lakeview, there is no need to patronize a place that is so rude, unfriendly, hateful, and hurtful to the families of East Lakeview. Shame on you, Wakamono!

  4. Jan 1 2008

    So maybe I need to change the “In one word” for Wakamono to misanthropic? Seems to be the case…


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