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March 29, 2007

Bin Wine Cafe

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1559 N. Milwaukee Ave.,

In one word – Cheese

Food – My friend and I went to Bin one afternoon while shopping in Wicker Park. It was mid afternoon, the sun was out, we felt like a glass of wine in a pseudo alfresco setting and Bin provided the trés Euro experience we were craving. Come here if you like cheese. And if that’s the case, please indulge in the Persian Feta. I could write an epic poem about my love of Persian Feta, so I’ll cut myself off now…just try it. You can really do any of their cheese flights, see how you feel after housing the “Fat City” cheese plate. Additionally you can win with any of the salads or pizzas offered there. I like this place because the food is served small plate-style. This means you can share and sample lots of things on the menu. Ooh, and don’t forget to try the tempura green beans.

Drink – As the little sibling of Bin 36, you know you’ll be treated to a great selection of wines. Plus you can test out some flights. When I went on my own sommelier skills, I was disappointed so perhaps ask your server for help. On Mondays and Tuesday, you can get $10 wine flights. I’m in!

Service – Ahh, something to complain about! Each time I’ve been to Bin, I have had attrocious service. At least feign interest in my experience at your restaurant! However, I’ve found that the Persian Feta cheese blocks out all negativity streaming from the server. So indulge.

Occasion – This place is really low-key, so you can get away with coming here for any occasion. Perhaps a date (even a first one), dinner with a friend or with parents.

Dress – It’s Wicker Park, so you’ll run into all the wannabe hipsters on the street. They’ll be in their skinny jeans and oversized sunglasses. You, on the other hand, might be better off in pants with a little more give (you know how cheese makes you feel).

Cost – For a light fare and a glass of wine, you’d probably shell out $25. Not the cheapest thing in the world, but there’s no buyers remorse.

If you liked…try – Avec, Cru Wine Cafe


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