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February 4, 2007


Meli Cafe

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 301 S. Halsted

In one word – Fresh

Food – Oh my goodness, I don’t think of myself as a gusher, but I here I go: I love Meli Cafe. It’s a breakfast/brunch/lunch joint in Greektown with fresh, fun ingredients. I like the folks behind this place because they put great cheese in their food. Think about an omelet with asparagus and Gruyere topped with hollandaise. They have other non-cheese or egg stuff like the chocolate morsel pancakes with honey butter (meli means honey, so that’s the schtick here). Whatever you’re getting, it’ll be good.

Drink – In the morning, I find that I feel rejuvinated just with some fresh squeezed juice. Don’t even need coffee. Lucky for me, there are ample choices of fresh juices (and a wide variety of teas, coffees and SMOOTHIES) at MC for me to sample.

Service – MC is located in the heart of Greektown. I felt that everything except the cuisine was totally appropriate for that area. You know how the staff always makes you feel welcome at the Parthenon? They do the same thing at MC! You get the friendly service without the indigestion from OD-ing on saganaki.

Occasion – This is a morning place, come here for an early meal with friends or your family. You’re not rushed at your table, so you can take the time to catch up. The place is loud in a good way…you know those Olive Garden commercials with the loud, chatty, smiling families? Same vibe. Be sure to take into account the wait time. We had to wait 45 minutes for a table, but it really was worth it.

Dress – I saw the whole sha-bang here. Some hungover friend get-togethers to debrief on the night before and families coming by MC post-church.

Cost – Orange juice and omelet put me at $13.

If you liked…, try – Lula

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  1. Justin
    Dec 7 2007

    Very helpful write-up. Meli is wonderful, provides great food and decent service. The new muffins they make are out of this world. I can not get enough, enjoy my healthy start and grape marmalade, when I go there.


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