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February 4, 2007

Fornetto Mei

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 105 E. Delaware Place

In one word – Confusing

Food – I don’t exactly get it, but I like it. This place is supposed to serve pan-Italian food with a bit of Asian influence mixed in. This means that you end up with a table of calamari, wood-oven pizza and beef noodles. To me, it’s not really fusion but a mostly Italian menu with one generic Asian food section. Despite this, the food works. I was on a health kick when I came here, so I indulged in the spinach salad. With the whipped goat cheese, it wasn’t exactly heart healthy, but I still dug it.

Drink – They have a decent enough wine list. I asked for the waiter’s recommendation and it satisfied me.

Service – It’s a hotel restaurant (part of the Whitehall Hotel), so the service is decent. Had a bit of trouble getting the check, but it was nothing to freak out about.

Occasion – This restaurant is in the Gold Coast, so the clientele is a bit older. If that doesn’t bother you, it’s totally fine for dinner with a friend or date. I’d keep the party size low because the lights are dark and people seem to speak at a lower volume than they would in another place.

Dress – If you came straight from work in business casual attire, you’d fit right in.

Cost – 1 glass of wine and 1 salad got me to about $25. A little more than it was worth, but I can still sleep at night.

If you liked…, try – Volare


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