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January 3, 2007

Sushi Samba Rio

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 504 N. Wells

In one word – Party
Food – It’s part of the Sushi Samba family of restaurants, which strive to combine Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. I have gone to SSR several times and come up with mixed reviews. I don’t love the sushi here, I think it’s not the same quality as some of its sushi competitors like Japonais and Mirai. However, having the Latin spin does make it interesting to eat. Without a doubt, whenever I’m at SSR, I order coconut rice. That always makes a moderate meal good.

Drink – They pride themselves on their drink selection. They have a selection of cocktails, sake and wine. They also have some beers from their lands of inspiration, which you can’t get everywhere else.

Service – I like that the staff is knowledgable about the menu, which is necessary because no matter how often I have sushi, I will always forget what makes a dragon roll.

Occasion – If you have a client dinner and your counterpart isn’t too stiff, take them here. Particularly if they are from out of town. This place could be great for a girls’ night out as well. Get your fruity drinks and sushi platter and call it a night.

Scene – Expect very pretty people at SSR. They have their downstairs area and then the rooftop bar (which is really like a top floor with a sky light). They like to crowd both areas so the place gives off that “I’m hip, I’m hopping” vibe. The décor is mostly inspired by the Latin influence. Expect areas to be “reserved,” which just perpetuates the “see how hip this place is?” atmosphere.

Dress – Trendy = good at SSR. If you’re going jeans, bring out the “this pair makes my butt look good and my legs look lean” ones with high flashy heels.

Cost – You’re probably dropping $50 minimum per person.

If you liked…, try – Japonais, Mirai, Carnivale


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