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January 3, 2007

Grand Lux Cafe

by gastronomicbypass

Location: 600 N. Michigan

In one word – Touristy

Food – Okay, so you’re with your friends from out of town who are insisting on shopping their way down the Mag Mile. You’re tired, you’re cranky and you just want a big slab of comfort to remove the slow walking tourists and tin man street performer from both your short and long term memory. I’m going to say, in this case, it’s okay to go to GLC . Come hungry because the portions are enormous. The crispy caramel chicken is a gourmet sweet and sour chicken. The blue cheese salad is great (if you love blue cheese). And the molten chocolate cake. It’s totally worth the wait.

Drink – They’re big and ornate. Sort of an overt metaphor for Michigan Avenue?

Service – I had a great, accommodating server here. I think with all the tourists frequenting this place, it’s sort of mandatory that the staff be pleasant and able to chat about mundane topics.

Occasion – A lot of people treat GLC as a special occasion place because of its location. Others see it as a haven from the shopping madness that occurs on the Mag Mile. Either way, the majority of folks here are from out of town. I have to say this makes eavesdropping on the next table hilarious. Beware, no reservations are accepted so be ready to wait about an hour if you’re going at a peak meal time.

Scene – Like the portions, the place is enormous. I found myself having to shout to my dinner partner, maybe it’s just my old age getting to me. The decor is sort of a modern, ornate, Roman theme. Let me tell you, the music they play here, it’s precious. They smooth jazzified all the lite FM hits you love to hate.

Dress – You see everything from Juicy Couture tracksuits (for the power shoppers) to date outfits (for those who are going to hit some hot club like “Excalibur” post dinner).

Cost – More than I like to pay considering what you’re getting. You’ll probably net out around $30 – 35 with a tasty beverage.

If you liked…, try – The Cheesecake Factory, Bandera


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