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November 29, 2006


Spacca Napoli

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 1769 W Sunnyside

In one word – Amazing

Food – **Preface: This is my favorite place in the city, so anything I’m going to write is going to be raving** I know this is Chicago, but can I say that Neopolitan pizza really gets my mojo going. The Bianca pizza is amazing. Truly amazing. That is the pizza that I had been looking for all my life. All the other pizzas are good too. But that Bianca…

Drink We got the cheapest wine and loved it.

Occasion – Friends, family – Yah! It’s Italiano! (makes more of an effect if you say that in your fake Italian accent).

Service – The last time I was there, we had a very coy waiter who won all of our hearts.

Scene – You feel like it’s a perfect mix between a local Chicago restaurant and a European café.  And the atmosphere is so friendly! The owner of the restaurant gave me a hug when I got there. I don’t know him, but he gave me a hug anyways. That’s how friendly they are.

Dress – There’s a mix of looks, dress for any occasion at this place.

Cost – My group shared a bottle of wine, two pizzas and two dessert. Split 4 ways, I think I paid about $30 with tip. Good food at a reasonable price? Obvi it’s my fave. Oh, and I was full when I was done. I had the unbuttoned pants to prove it.

If you like…, try – Honestly, I feel guilty comparing this place to another establishment in the city. It would be doing it a disservice.

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  1. Nikki
    Jun 5 2008

    I have to say that I completely disagree. All that they serve is the neopolitan pizza (absolutely nothing else), and it is always soggy in the middle. When it first opened, I was pretty excited about it, so we tried it and were not impressed with the puddle of water in the middle of the pizza. People started talking about it positively, so I thought I’d try it again thinking maybe they changed things up, but alas, still waterworks in the middle of the pizza – not edible. Then a third time, because my new neighbor was raving about it. They talked me into going again. But still dripping wet and nothing else to eat. I walked out of there all three times having paid over $30 each time and having to go home and fix something else to eat.

    Sorry, but it is true. Pizza D.O.C. is way better.

  2. GB
    Jun 5 2008

    Okay – so in this case, it’s a matter of taste. I really don’t enjoy crisp pizzas. It sounds like that’s your preference. To me, the softer crust makes the pizza feel fresher to me (again, you may disagree with this notion). Aside from the pizza, did you like the rest of the place? The service, the atmosphere and the affordability of the wines make this place shoot to the top of my list.



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