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November 29, 2006

de cero

by gastronomicbypass

Location – 814 W Randolph

In one word – Margarita

Food – They have dubbed this place a “modern day taqueria.” I don’t know if that claim is truly on par, but I do still like it here. What’s good about it is that the food is simple and clean (“de cero” = “from scratch”). It’s Mexican food without the usual side effects. I love their taco sampler. It’s sort of the “greatest hits” of the restaurant.

Drink – Guava margarita and hibiscus margarita are my recos.

Service – Not the best part of the place, but no reason to keep you away.

Occasion – You can go to DC for really any occasion, though it does seem as if the place is mostly full of couples (not necessarily romantic couples, just pairs of people eating together).

Scene – Like the food, the look of this place is really clean. All the aesthetics really come from the patrons.

Dress Trendy works here, but you can stay casual.

Cost – $30 will get you a drink, an appetizer and an entrée (and possibly dessert).

If you like…, try avec

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